about me

I am a self taught artist born in London in 1966. Most of my life has been spent living in the South East (London and then Essex) but in 2018 I moved to Truro, Cornwall where I now live and work.


I’ve been drawing and painting all my life and from an early age I wanted to be an artist but on leaving school I chose my other love, maps, as a career and became a cartographer - a career I’m still involved in (part-time) over 35 years later.


My paintings are a response to the stunning landscapes of Cornwall. Rather than being straight photorealistic pieces, my landscapes are painted intuitively and expressively, exploring textures, colour and light in acrylics and oils. Occasionally drifting into abstraction, my landscapes lie somewhere between abstract and representation.


I count myself privileged to have the chance to live and work in Cornwall, a place I have wanted to live for many years, and am looking forward to continuing to capture the woodlands, moors and coastline of Cornwall on canvas.


I am a member of the Lane Gallery co-operative of artists in Truro (Cathedral Lane) where you will find some of my work on display.

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