• Paul Adams

The Lane Gallery, Truro

Updated: Apr 11

A couple of weeks ago, whilst in town, I happened to pop into The Lane Gallery for a look around. I have been living in Truro now for just under two years and I hadn't noticed this gallery before. It is located above Scentstore in Cathedral Lane, a pedestrian alley between Boscawen Street and Truro Cathedral. The Lane Gallery is run as a co-operative of around 15 local artists in a variety of styles and mediums. Sue Currie, one of the artists, was manning the gallery that day and we got chatting. She said they were looking for another artist to join the co-operative so I said I'll drop some paintings off next time I was in town for consideration. I did so the following week and was very pleased to say that I was accepted. I now have 10 of my paintings on the walls and in the window. If you are in Truro, why not pop along to Cathedral Lane and take a look at mine and the other artists work.


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