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100 miles in June...

So, why have I been quiet over recent months...

In February, we went to stay with my parents for the half-term holiday. We knew my Dad was ill before we went but while we were there, his health got progressively worse and he was admitted to hospital.​ He died a month later.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2011 but with regular medication it was kept under control and he lived a relatively active life. However, last year it was decided that he needed a course of chemotherapy. Again, this didn't cause much of a problem for him but during a visit to the hospital midway through his course of chemo he picked up sepsis. This weakened his immune system and he never really picked up and got progressively weaker and weaker.

He was a keen supporter of Prostate Cancer UK and so I've decide to try and raise some money for the charity by walking 100 miles during June. Not a particularly difficult task, it only works out to 3.3 miles a day but finding time to walk every day for a month will be the difficult bit.

If you would like to support me in supporting Prostate Cancer UK I have set up a JustGiving page

Thank you so much

Peter Adams
1944 - 2023

Back in the studio after a dreadful year...

I'm back, so watch this space...


19th April 2023

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