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100 miles in June...




10th May 2023

Back in the studio after a dreadful year...

I'm back, so watch this space...


19th April 2023

Studio playlist

I know what you're all thinking...

Paul, what do you listen to when you're painting?

Funny you should ask because I've just created a Spotify playlist featuring a few tracks that I've had on in the studio over the past few weeks. I'll try and post these monthly so if you don't like these come back next month because I have quite an eclectic taste and you (and I) never know what I'll be listening to next! Click on the link in the menu for the latest playlist.

By the way, I know we're heading into February already but I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. I've got a few ideas of what I want to achieve in 2022 so hopefully these will all happen.


Hopefully this year will be a vast improvement on the past couple of years.

Stay safe everyone.

23rd January 2022

The Cot_Downstream.jpg

Phew, what a scorcher!

Greetings from a very hot studio in Truro. So hot in fact I’ve had to stop painting in acrylics as my paint was developing a skin on the palette within about 10 minutes. I guess I’ll have to move over to using oils for the summer!.


Having not painted for a month or two (hence the lack of news) I’ve recently picked up my brushes to start work on a new project - exciting!


I’m busy at the moment planning a collection of work based on the gorse and heather landscapes of Cornwall. The moors and clifftops are so colourful at the moment so I’ve got plenty of painting locations to choose from. I’ve made a start and have a few pieces on the go but I’m hoping for two or three dozen when I’ve finished.


I’m not sure what will happen once I’ve got the collection together - hopefully I’ll get a gallery interested in hosting a solo exhibition or maybe I’ll host my own exhibition either online or hire a venue somewhere for a physical show - we’ll see. Either way, I’ve got a busy year ahead.


I still have a few pieces in Fowey River Gallery so if you are in that part of Cornwall over the summer why not pop in and take a look


Until next time, stay cool.


11th August 2022

The Cot_upstream.jpg

The Cot - Upstream and Downstream
Two pieces available from
Fowey River Gallery

Galleries are beginning to open up after the lockdown and it's feeling close to normal again down here in Cornwall. Tourists have started to arrive and I reckon it's going to be a busy year.


I'm super happy to announce that I have just delivered six of my paintings to the beautiful Fowey River Gallery.

Situated in Fore Street, Fowey, the gallery is housed in a stunning Georgian merchant's house and is stocked with some amazing art.

My work should appear on the walls and on their website soon but in the meantime, I recommend that if you're in the area why not pop in and take a look for yourself

21st April 2021

Things are looking up...

MarazionMarshFrame copy.jpg

Wow, we're one month into 2021 already. The lockdown and bad weather has prevented me from getting out to some of my favourite locations in Cornwall and as a result I haven't done a lot of painting this winter. However this week I have ventured into the studio...

2nd February 2021


Lockdown3 latest...

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